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Warhammer 40k Campaign

Our Futuristic rep Michael Curtis has organised a terrific Warhammer 40k campaign within the club.

“Warhammer 40k 1,000pts Campaign

All players Start with 1,000pt army
Your Warlords basic points are Free (eg captain 90pts costs 0pts)
Standard Force Organisation
The allied Chart as normal with one exception Tyranids are classed as allies of convenience for everyone
NO Forgeworld models or Formations
NO Lords of war
NO Special Characters
NO Special wargear for example Relics

We will be using the planetary empires tiles each player starts with 4 tiles, tile flags will be provided there will be strategic assets placed around the map which provide bonuses in and out of battle details will be provided when setting up the flags, all of your tiles must be in contact with at least 1 other any tiles not in a connected supply line to home base which is the first flag placed tile further details will be explained when setting flags.

All challenges must be battled within 5 Sundays or the defender forfeits

When you take a tile you can adjust your list by 500pts as your force leaves behind a small defence force when battling defence you start with 500pts of models in defence and if you have a tile nearby you can have a release force of 500pts start rolling for reserve from turn 3

When attacking another player you can battle each player once per campaign turn

When moving into empty Tiles you must roll on a random encounter chart to see if there are any non player forces you can take 3 empty tiles per turn and if 2 players choose to attack the same tile a battle for that tile with the 2 players
will ensue and if rolled a small 500pt force as a third party which will be run by a third party person

When Battling your units can earn Veterancy points for every 3 units your unit kills this can be over multiple battles they earn a veterancy point which when earned you spend that point on a veterancy upgrade for the unit on one of the veterancy charts
I will provide which will be done in person and wont be putting up here (if a unit is destroyed the veterancy points are also lost)

Anyone who wants to take part to message me that you are interested

Any reasonable feedback about the rules will be welcome I will create a discussion topic to talk about the Campaign”

Single Miniature Winner

Painting Competition Results!

Painting Competition Today (12th July)

An excellent turn out and some stunning pieces of art brought in today for the competition.

The single miniature winner was: Ben with the Forgeworld Primarch Vulkan Runner up was Kev with an excellent Glottkin.

Vehicle category was won by Mike with his Dust tactics Axis Jagdluther, and runner up was Ben with a Warlord Games Sherman Firefly.

In the Squad entry the winner was Kev with his Brilliant Nurgle Spawn, runner up was Michael with some very characterful Ogres.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all entrants.

Thanks to James, Alisdair and Martin for Judging and a second Thanks to Alisdair via his business for donating the runner up prizes.

Thanks also to Army Painter for providing prize support for today.


Judge Dredd Campaign


A few of the guys are going to be starting a campaign using the Mongoose/Warlord Judge Dredd game, beginning in July/August. Players will be battling each other for territory and gangs/Judges will be upgradable and levelled as the campaign progresses.

So far the following are signed up and going to be learning the rules over the coming weeks;

Neil / Igneous Stonehammer – CitiDef
Jason / JasonT – Lone Vigilante
Chalmers / JChalmers – Cursed Earth Desperadoes
David / Davida609 – East Meg
Mike / Poser Disposer – Justice Department
Simon / Simon mobsters

For more details on the campaign and to sign up the details are here.

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament – June 8th


The first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament of the year is being planned for Sunday June 8th.

It will be a 2,000pts No Comp tourne so expect to see enough cheese to make the dairy counter of your local supermarket blush!

The tournament will be using the 20-0 scoring system and is planned to be running from 12pm – 7pm .

So far we’ve got Ogres, Lizardmen, High Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Dark Elves and….. Beastmen confirmed for the day so far with more to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

For more info and to sign up head to the forums here.

Bolt Action games day at NAG

On August the 4th, the Historical gamers at NAG are having a games day devoted to the 28mm World War 2 skirmish game, Bolt Action. A number of the Historical members have invested in small forces and are working towards painting them in time for the first Bolt Action games at NAG.

It’s set for August the 4th, with a small limit of 500pts to enable anyone interested in taking part to get small selection of squads ready for gaming. Interested in learning more about Bolt Action or already play it? Head over to the main forum thread and sign up for some games.

In the meantime, here are some models already in production for the big day:

NAG Warhammer Fantasy Battle Summerslam Results

The temperatures might have been soaring yesterday, but that didn’t stop fourteen devoted Warhammer Fantasy Battle players from slogging it out at the club, in the pursuit of the coveted NAG Summerslam mini-tournament prize.

James, who is generally a 40k player but dabbles in WFB on the side, took home the £20 prize with his army of Chaos Daemons, led by the (mis)trustworthy Fateweaver himself.

The final standings:

1 – James – 53 pts
2 – Leigh – 50 pts
3 – Craig – 43 pts
4 – Michael – 41 pts
5 – Hutton – 36 pts
6 – John – 35 pts
7 – Paul – 33 pts
8 – Franky – 28 pts
9 – Stephen – 27 pts
10 – Pete – 22 pts
11 – Jim – 20 pts
12 – Adam – 18 pts
13 – Martin – 9 pts
14 – Skippy – 5 pts

Interested in getting some WFB played against a good group of lads? Then look elsewhere. JOKE! Join the forums (see the links down the side) and get arranging some games.

NAG’s Tale of 40k Painters

Trying to paint up a 40k army but lacking motivation? Then why not sign up for the club’s Official Tale of 40k Painters contest? The rules are simple: paint 200pts of models a month to take part. Sound easy? Then head over to the contest thread to sign up and find out more. The first months 200pts are due in a weeks time so check out what has been painted so far by members.

To whet you appetite, here’s a couple of pics of new models painted by our members over the last few weeks:

Hail Caesar! Swords and Sandals!

Sunday April the 28th saw the (re) start of games of the sword and sandals wargame, Hail Caesar!, by the Historical players of NAG. Check out more photos in the Club Gallery section of the website. If you’re interested in getting involved why not contact the guys via this thread, the next planned Hail Caesar! session is Sunday the 9th of June from 1pm.

Hail Caesar!