Blyth Battery goes to war

Thanks for Bob and Tom who agreed to give up their time with me on Saturday to help with a display board and get ourselves out and make people aware we were here.

A lot of people were interested in the table we set up in the gazebo to show off the smaller scale of WW2 alongside the excellent live action show put on by the volunteers on the beach.

We also ran a tombola and managed to raise £42.60 for the club funds

Judge Dredd Campaign


A few of the guys are going to be starting a campaign using the Mongoose/Warlord Judge Dredd game, beginning in July/August. Players will be battling each other for territory and gangs/Judges will be upgradable and levelled as the campaign progresses.

So far the following are signed up and going to be learning the rules over the coming weeks;

Neil / Igneous Stonehammer – CitiDef
Jason / JasonT – Lone Vigilante
Chalmers / JChalmers – Cursed Earth Desperadoes
David / Davida609 – East Meg
Mike / Poser Disposer – Justice Department
Simon / Simon mobsters

For more details on the campaign and to sign up the details are here.

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament – June 8th


The first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament of the year is being planned for Sunday June 8th.

It will be a 2,000pts No Comp tourne so expect to see enough cheese to make the dairy counter of your local supermarket blush!

The tournament will be using the 20-0 scoring system and is planned to be running from 12pm – 7pm .

So far we’ve got Ogres, Lizardmen, High Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Dark Elves and….. Beastmen confirmed for the day so far with more to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

For more info and to sign up head to the forums here.

New Committee Voted In

The Annual General Meeting for Northumbrian Adventurers Guild took place on April 6th. The new Committee as voted in for the 2014/2015 year by members of the club is as follows:

Chairman: James Mitchell
Vice Chairman: James Farley
Treasurer: Bob Curtis
Secretary: James Chalmers
Futuristic Rep: Steven Brown
Fantasy Rep: Michael Craigs
Historical Rep: Chris Snowdon
RP, Board & Card Games Rep: Steve Harper

Congratulations to everyone, we will be putting up profiles in the coming weeks for each rep and committee member so everyone new and old knows who is who and what they play.

The minutes for the most recent Committee Meeting which took place on 27th April are published and members can find them here in the forums.

Committee Meeting Minutes 27th April

Dropzone Commander In The North East At NAG


Fancy a game of Dropzone Commander? Get along to NAG for a game! A couple of club members have recently started armies for Dropzone Commander but there is plenty of space for more players to join in the fun. Get onto the NAG Futuristic Forum and ask for a game!

infiNity at NAG



Not a new system, but a couple of the clubs Futuristic gamers (including me!) are starting playing infiNity as a break from all the 40k. Beautiful models, great terrain, and a superb ruleset should all ensure that infiNity becomes a staple presence at the club over the coming months. It is certainly the gaming system to watch over the next year or so, as it’s player base increases at an amazing rate!

Fancy coming down with your infiNity faction? Head over to the forums to find out more!

Tale of Painters Rumbles On

Club members continue to produce some lovely models for the Tale of 40k Painters challenge going on in the Blogs section of the forum. The last month or so has seen a load of great looking models completed! Want to join in? Head over to the forums and get signed up.

Busy day on Sunday!

It was a very busy afternoon at NAG on Sunday! Despite the lovely weather continuing, the clubs gamers came out in force with the hall absolutely packed with all manner of games including Warhammer 40k and Apocalypse, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and Bolt Action. Downstairs the RPG contingent were also enjoying the warm weather indoors like the rest of us!

Bolt Action games day at NAG

On August the 4th, the Historical gamers at NAG are having a games day devoted to the 28mm World War 2 skirmish game, Bolt Action. A number of the Historical members have invested in small forces and are working towards painting them in time for the first Bolt Action games at NAG.

It’s set for August the 4th, with a small limit of 500pts to enable anyone interested in taking part to get small selection of squads ready for gaming. Interested in learning more about Bolt Action or already play it? Head over to the main forum thread and sign up for some games.

In the meantime, here are some models already in production for the big day: