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Eric Daley Trophy, Winter 2016

This winter sees the return of NAG’s Eric Daley Trophy for 2016.

This is an annual event to remember one of NAG’s founding and most respected members who passed away several years ago. Because he didn’t stick to any particular genre, the trophy alternates every year between Fantasy, Futuristic and now Historical games. This year it is up to the players of Warhammer 40,000 to ensure that this year’s tournament runs successfully.

It will be held at the St. Cuthbert’s Church Hall, cost the usual £3 to play and will be 1500 points a side.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a full day’s gaming in memory of a top bloke.

The confirmed date for the event and the full rules pack will be available on Sunday 25th September.



Warhammer 40k Campaign


Our Futuristic rep Michael Curtis has organised a terrific Warhammer 40k campaign within the club.

“Warhammer 40k 1,000pts Campaign

All players Start with 1,000pt army
Your Warlords basic points are Free (eg captain 90pts costs 0pts)
Standard Force Organisation
The allied Chart as normal with one exception Tyranids are classed as allies of convenience for everyone
NO Forgeworld models or Formations
NO Lords of war
NO Special Characters
NO Special wargear for example Relics

We will be using the planetary empires tiles each player starts with 4 tiles, tile flags will be provided there will be strategic assets placed around the map which provide bonuses in and out of battle details will be provided when setting up the flags, all of your tiles must be in contact with at least 1 other any tiles not in a connected supply line to home base which is the first flag placed tile further details will be explained when setting flags.

All challenges must be battled within 5 Sundays or the defender forfeits

When you take a tile you can adjust your list by 500pts as your force leaves behind a small defence force when battling defence you start with 500pts of models in defence and if you have a tile nearby you can have a release force of 500pts start rolling for reserve from turn 3

When attacking another player you can battle each player once per campaign turn

When moving into empty Tiles you must roll on a random encounter chart to see if there are any non player forces you can take 3 empty tiles per turn and if 2 players choose to attack the same tile a battle for that tile with the 2 players
will ensue and if rolled a small 500pt force as a third party which will be run by a third party person

When Battling your units can earn Veterancy points for every 3 units your unit kills this can be over multiple battles they earn a veterancy point which when earned you spend that point on a veterancy upgrade for the unit on one of the veterancy charts
I will provide which will be done in person and wont be putting up here (if a unit is destroyed the veterancy points are also lost)

Anyone who wants to take part to message me that you are interested

Any reasonable feedback about the rules will be welcome I will create a discussion topic to talk about the Campaign”


Painting Competition 12th July!

1 week to go Guys!


Hi all, this is the  2015 N.A.G painting competition, it is open to all club members, and the categories are….

1. single miniature
2. squad
3. vehicle

these can be any size and any genre (i.e can be 40k bolt action or your role play avatar  *~ )

you can enter all 3 categories, but 1 entry per category

the work must be your own, we will take your word on this. we’re nice like that  ;D

it must be finished in full including bases (if applicable)

this will be classed as participating at the club so you will need to pay your subs that week if this is all you are down for (so you might as well organise a game too) but the entering of the competition is free.

i have prizes for the competition from Army Painter, and wow have they been generous! i have 3 prizes so luckily there will a prize for each category.

for the single miniature category (im expecting this will be the most entered one) an army painter warpaints starter set

for the squad entry the winner will take away the starter brush set

and the vehicle category will win an army painter metal/resin assembly set

they are great prizes generously donated by http://www.thearmypainter.com/

Further prizes have also been generously offered by http://www.blythmodels.co.uk/

so please get started on your entry, remember, you can enter all categories but only 1 entry per category! more information at http://n-a-g.org/forum/index.php?topic=3509.0

Tale of Painters Rumbles On

Club members continue to produce some lovely models for the Tale of 40k Painters challenge going on in the Blogs section of the forum. The last month or so has seen a load of great looking models completed! Want to join in? Head over to the forums and get signed up.

Busy day on Sunday!

It was a very busy afternoon at NAG on Sunday! Despite the lovely weather continuing, the clubs gamers came out in force with the hall absolutely packed with all manner of games including Warhammer 40k and Apocalypse, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and Bolt Action. Downstairs the RPG contingent were also enjoying the warm weather indoors like the rest of us!

NAG’s Tale of 40k Painters

Trying to paint up a 40k army but lacking motivation? Then why not sign up for the club’s Official Tale of 40k Painters contest? The rules are simple: paint 200pts of models a month to take part. Sound easy? Then head over to the contest thread to sign up and find out more. The first months 200pts are due in a weeks time so check out what has been painted so far by members.

To whet you appetite, here’s a couple of pics of new models painted by our members over the last few weeks:

40k Kill Team Mini Tournament

After the 2013 AGM of the Northumbrian Adventurers Guild today, we held a small Kill Team tournament for club members. Organised by club secretary Skippy (aka Chris), we had five games going on simultaneously with some challenging terrain to fight over. It was a close run contest with Ian narrowly pipping John and Richard into joint second place. But fun was had by all!

Lessons learnt today were that 200pts buys A LOT of Pink Horrors, and that Imperial Guard models can withstand being stood on. Almost.

A couple of quick snaps from today’s games…


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