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Tale of Painters Rumbles On

Club members continue to produce some lovely models for the Tale of 40k Painters challenge going on in the Blogs section of the forum. The last month or so has seen a load of great looking models completed! Want to join in? Head over to the forums and get signed up.

NAG’s Tale of 40k Painters

Trying to paint up a 40k army but lacking motivation? Then why not sign up for the club’s Official Tale of 40k Painters contest? The rules are simple: paint 200pts of models a month to take part. Sound easy? Then head over to the contest thread to sign up and find out more. The first months 200pts are due in a weeks time so check out what has been painted so far by members.

To whet you appetite, here’s a couple of pics of new models painted by our members over the last few weeks:

More photos and lovely models

A bunch of new photos have been added to the Members Miniatures page today. Have a look at some superbly painted creations both from the past and present. Remember, any models you’d like added, get them on the forum and they could be featured here shortly.

Members models and armies

The second new page to be added to the site today, is a gallery of the awesome models and armies produced by members of the Northumbrian Adventurers Guild.

There’s a huge range of beautifully painted models to see, with more to be added very soon!

Club Photos

BT4NKA new section is up showing some of the games played at the club recently. At the moment it’s mainly Warhammer 40k (or 30k…) with plenty of Flames of War pictures too. If you have any photos of club games, please send them in so they can be added to the gallery.

More coming soon!