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Summertime Historical Gaming

The historical section of NAG is currently running a whole range of systems and planning towards introducing a new one soon. Hail Caesar! and Flames of War are going very strongly at the club with members even scaling down Hail Caesar! to a 15mm size of models to allow for massive battles of a truly Biblical nature.

Every week there are games of Flames of War happening, with more World War 2 gaming coming soon in the form of the 28mm scale skirmish game, Bolt Action. If you’re interested in any of these systems then get on the forum and arrange a game or pick the brains of the club members for more information.

In the meantime check out some photos from the last two weekends of action, 15mm Hail Caesar! and FoW games from our member Achtungnate.

See more pics in the Club Gallery.

Hail Caesar! Swords and Sandals!

Sunday April the 28th saw the (re) start of games of the sword and sandals wargame, Hail Caesar!, by the Historical players of NAG. Check out more photos in the Club Gallery section of the website. If you’re interested in getting involved why not contact the guys via this thread, the next planned Hail Caesar! session is Sunday the 9th of June from 1pm.

Hail Caesar!