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Single Miniature Winner

Painting Competition Results!

Painting Competition Today (12th July)

An excellent turn out and some stunning pieces of art brought in today for the competition.

The single miniature winner was: Ben with the Forgeworld Primarch Vulkan Runner up was Kev with an excellent Glottkin.

Vehicle category was won by Mike with his Dust tactics Axis Jagdluther, and runner up was Ben with a Warlord Games Sherman Firefly.

In the Squad entry the winner was Kev with his Brilliant Nurgle Spawn, runner up was Michael with some very characterful Ogres.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all entrants.

Thanks to James, Alisdair and Martin for Judging and a second Thanks to Alisdair via his business www.blythmodels.co.uk for donating the runner up prizes.

Thanks also to Army Painter for providing prize support for today.



Painting Competition 12th July!

1 week to go Guys!


Hi all, this is the  2015 N.A.G painting competition, it is open to all club members, and the categories are….

1. single miniature
2. squad
3. vehicle

these can be any size and any genre (i.e can be 40k bolt action or your role play avatar  *~ )

you can enter all 3 categories, but 1 entry per category

the work must be your own, we will take your word on this. we’re nice like that  ;D

it must be finished in full including bases (if applicable)

this will be classed as participating at the club so you will need to pay your subs that week if this is all you are down for (so you might as well organise a game too) but the entering of the competition is free.

i have prizes for the competition from Army Painter, and wow have they been generous! i have 3 prizes so luckily there will a prize for each category.

for the single miniature category (im expecting this will be the most entered one) an army painter warpaints starter set

for the squad entry the winner will take away the starter brush set

and the vehicle category will win an army painter metal/resin assembly set

they are great prizes generously donated by http://www.thearmypainter.com/

Further prizes have also been generously offered by http://www.blythmodels.co.uk/

so please get started on your entry, remember, you can enter all categories but only 1 entry per category! more information at http://n-a-g.org/forum/index.php?topic=3509.0

Tale of Painters Rumbles On

Club members continue to produce some lovely models for the Tale of 40k Painters challenge going on in the Blogs section of the forum. The last month or so has seen a load of great looking models completed! Want to join in? Head over to the forums and get signed up.

NAG’s Tale of 40k Painters

Trying to paint up a 40k army but lacking motivation? Then why not sign up for the club’s Official Tale of 40k Painters contest? The rules are simple: paint 200pts of models a month to take part. Sound easy? Then head over to the contest thread to sign up and find out more. The first months 200pts are due in a weeks time so check out what has been painted so far by members.

To whet you appetite, here’s a couple of pics of new models painted by our members over the last few weeks: