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Single Miniature Winner

Painting Competition Results!

Painting Competition Today (12th July)

An excellent turn out and some stunning pieces of art brought in today for the competition.

The single miniature winner was: Ben with the Forgeworld Primarch Vulkan Runner up was Kev with an excellent Glottkin.

Vehicle category was won by Mike with his Dust tactics Axis Jagdluther, and runner up was Ben with a Warlord Games Sherman Firefly.

In the Squad entry the winner was Kev with his Brilliant Nurgle Spawn, runner up was Michael with some very characterful Ogres.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all entrants.

Thanks to James, Alisdair and Martin for Judging and a second Thanks to Alisdair via his business www.blythmodels.co.uk for donating the runner up prizes.

Thanks also to Army Painter for providing prize support for today.


Warhammer Fantasy Tournament – June 8th


The first Warhammer Fantasy Tournament of the year is being planned for Sunday June 8th.

It will be a 2,000pts No Comp tourne so expect to see enough cheese to make the dairy counter of your local supermarket blush!

The tournament will be using the 20-0 scoring system and is planned to be running from 12pm – 7pm .

So far we’ve got Ogres, Lizardmen, High Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Dark Elves and….. Beastmen confirmed for the day so far with more to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

For more info and to sign up head to the forums here.

NAG Warhammer Fantasy Battle Summerslam Results

The temperatures might have been soaring yesterday, but that didn’t stop fourteen devoted Warhammer Fantasy Battle players from slogging it out at the club, in the pursuit of the coveted NAG Summerslam mini-tournament prize.

James, who is generally a 40k player but dabbles in WFB on the side, took home the £20 prize with his army of Chaos Daemons, led by the (mis)trustworthy Fateweaver himself.

The final standings:

1 – James – 53 pts
2 – Leigh – 50 pts
3 – Craig – 43 pts
4 – Michael – 41 pts
5 – Hutton – 36 pts
6 – John – 35 pts
7 – Paul – 33 pts
8 – Franky – 28 pts
9 – Stephen – 27 pts
10 – Pete – 22 pts
11 – Jim – 20 pts
12 – Adam – 18 pts
13 – Martin – 9 pts
14 – Skippy – 5 pts

Interested in getting some WFB played against a good group of lads? Then look elsewhere. JOKE! Join the forums (see the links down the side) and get arranging some games.